About Me 

I love Nut Butter…. could eat it all the time,  You love Nut Butter!! Find out reviews and recipes and health benefits all here at the Nut Butter Hub. 


Let us show you how to make it and you get to do all the tasting, a legitimate part of the process! 



Taking in the beautiful Lulworth Cove UK. #actwhimsical




My name is Brittnay, I am no longer your typical Australian living in London, we have relocated to Dublin. I have  an interesting addiction to my food processor, you wouldn’t believe how strong my hummus game has become since I invested in said food processor. I am going to show you all the amazing nut butters you can create with it, and maybe even a sneaky hummus, which could be considered a nut if you didn’t touch, eat or look at it closely. As well as hummus recipes, I will feature some health and travel information for you to take in at your leisurely pace. 


nut butter toast fruit almonds

My favourite nut butter meal!



Other than processing all the food goods in my kitchen, I love to travel, wandering the streets of an unknown area brings me much happiness. I love to meet people when I travel, learn their recipes, check out their markets and wander their streets. When not wandering, I can be found in my kitchen or in a local supermarket or setting up a picnic anywhere with a good view.


Not a bad spot for a picnic. Would you believe this is in the U.K!



We are currently long term house sitters located in Dublin! Are looking after 2 Chihuahuas, 1 Whippet and a Chinese Crested. See the gang below having a lovely beach walk. If you want more information about our house sitting services head over to The Travelling House Sitters, we would love to hear from you!






Let me bring you the joys of eating all the nut butter….all the time.