Are Figs Suitable for Vegans?



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Can You Believe That Figs Could be Defined as Not Vegan!


Figging What? of course figs are suitable for vegans, well think again, read on learn. The humble fig or more specifically  the Ficus carica is an Asian species of flowering plants in the mulberry family. It’s also referred to as the common fig, which I am not a fan of because in summer I roam the street looking for those treasure troves of sweet sweet fruit!




 After the stock standard fruit information, the next bit of news may shock and amaze you. You will totally understand the saying “damn nature you’re crazy” and you will totally question your fig consumption. We did for about two minutes but then remembered our neighbours at out of the house and wouldn’t see us leaning on the fence stealing figs!



figs cut in half

This may or may not be stolen from the neighbours




The Short Story Are Figs Vegan?

So are figs vegan? Well, in summary, many varieties of figs are pollinated by fig wasps which then die inside the fruit. the fig plant then absorbs the wasp. This process is a natural part of the fig plant’s lifecycle. Some of the most commonly available varieties of figs, however, do not require pollination (Kadota and Black Mission, vegan you should be on the lookout for these varieties). 

 The Long Story Are Figs Vegan?

Have you ever known about the fig wasp? This little bug evidently assumes a fundamental part of the life cycle of a fig, as it is the plant’s unrivalled pollinator. 

The plant itself then gives backs by giving the  wasps their unrivalled wellness of sustenance and protection, and this is likewise, obviously, where the female will lay her eggs. 

As indicated by How Stuff Works, this is something many refer to as “mutualism,” where both the plant and the creepy crawly accommodate each other in their common cycles. As it were, whether you like eating figs, you wouldn’t have them without this “mutualism. Sounds all legit so far. So the next bit is what makes this whole ordeal amazing!
When wasp pollinates a fig, she frequently can get stuck inside the darn thing. You won’t really observe the entire wasp inside the fig,  a chemical called ficin contained in the fig fundamentally processes the wasp separates her body into protein. Yummy! So essentially the fig eats the wasp, the wasp turns out to be a piece of the fig, and afterwards, well, you eat it. At any rate, you are getting some additional protein without downing egg whites!
Fig Tart Not Vegan

What we should use for our entrance to the Great British Bake Off





So after all the facts… Are They Vegan?

The reply in the matter of whether figs are vegetarian or vegan is more of a personal judgment. A few vegans and vegetarians decline to eat figs or fig-based items based on of this odd — however totally natural and normal wonder of mother nature.

Basically, the controversy comes down to the possibility of brutality. It’s appears that the relationship amongst figs and wasps is a cooperative. Wasps require figs, and figs require wasps. Neither would keep on thriving without the other. In light of this, numerous veggie and vegans devour figs. Regardless of whether you include figs in your diet is totally up to you.

if you do decide to totally remove figs from your diet,  do remember they can help with futility in women , and they’re mineral powerhouses, stuffed with calcium and potassium. They’re a make a perfect substitution for sugar, they also help whip some pretty incredible items such as  Honey Glazed Grilled Fig Salad with Feta, Pistachio or Fig Galette or even Fig, Cinnamon Nut Butter


Now you are highly educated on the life cycle of the fig and wasp, you can make the decision to go or not to go hunting the delicious little balls of healthy sugar hits!


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