Does Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter live up too the hype?


pip nut coconut almond buttter




Pip and Nut has a great taste and texture. Not too oily or too dry tasting like almonds often can be. It’s the perfect blend of coconut and almond doesn’t have that artificial coconut taste.

It is smooth, nutty, with little bursts of saltiness every now and then. Not too sweet. However it is slightly runnier than I would prefer but that, at least, makes it easy to spread. Mixing the whole jar when first opening it helps even out the consistency.

  ‘I must stay away from it, just one last spoonful’,not only is it delicious and addictive, it’s actually bloody good for you! 


When you’re eating something so delicious you have so many questions whizzing around your head is almond butter good for me?  how to make your own almond butter? how to do store almond butter and what are almond butter uses. Well we have lots of those answers here at The Nut Butter Hub . 



I’m simultaneously happy and a tiny bit  ashamed to mention that I managed to  polished off this entire jar of pip and nut coconut almond butter in one day. It was so delicious, I ain’t even mad about it. 10/10 would nut butter again.


Its very affordable nut butter at prices around £3


It great to see all the products are natural, which makes buying this nut butter again and again easy.

  • Almonds (70%), Coconut (22.5%), Agave Syrup, Sea Salt

Nutrition Facts

The nutrition facts are pretty much similar to any type of nut butter 16 grams of fat per serving (a serving is 32g which is 2tsbps).  I like that there is a hefty 6 grams of protein per serving, which is more than I have seen in a lot other nut butter you there.


It has a lovely nutty taste with only a hint of coconut at the end (a punch in the face of it); the texture is creamy smooth, and it mixes very easily with other products, e.g. honey, well it actually delicious on all of the different snacks!You can see above much we love putting it on toast. Anything such as figs, ricotta, blueberries, banana, mango pair so well with this nut butter


Very silky and smooth, it’s one those butter that keep melting in your mouth, therefore you must keep eating it. 

Barney Butter Almond Butter – “Bare” Smooth (284g)Get It Here

Make sure you grab some, so you can make some delicious treats at home! 

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