Try Butternut Squash Coconut Rice Pudding Right Meow!

If you love butternut squash pudding and coconut rice pudding imagine the merging of the two, so bloody good!

Its a game changer guys, if your sugar addiction is not calmed by this butternut squash coconut rice pudding, you need to try the Japanese fruit, which alters your taste buds temporary. These little berries will make anything you eat that is sweet, taste sour and vice versa therefore, a lemon will be delicious for you sugar heads. 




Back to taste game changer! S paghetti squash, it is really one of my favorites. I love pasta, but don’t eat much anymore, Maybe it’s because pasta seems to always leave a heavy feeling in me at the time that I eat it and then I feel like I am hungry an hour afterwards. However I just love any type of spiralised vegies, zucchini (standard) sweet potato (delish) carrot (also delish) beetrot (mind blowing!!) My boyfriend got me one for Christmas and I was stoked to say the least!! Its a Kenwood  Electric Spiraliser, I bloody love it




Not apart of this recipe, but you neeeeed to how good spiralised beetroot is!



The butternut squash pudding may look like it takes a long time to make but it really doesn’t. Most of the time is just heating up that squash in the oven. Once that is out of the way the rest of the cake takes less than 10 minutes to throw together and back in the oven. I ended up cooking the squash the night before. It made the whole house smell amazing.

This dessert will hopefully make all those squash haters out there change their minds about how delish this vegie can be.




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Try Butternut Squash Coconut Rice Pudding Right Meow!
Try Butternut Squash Coconut Rice Pudding Right Meow!

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